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AVG AntiTrack 1 Year 1 Device

AVG AntiTrack 1 Year 1 Device

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How to activate:

  • Go to and choose AVG AntiTrack
  • Download and install software
  • Apply given key

Whenever you browse, companies use your “digital footprint” to follow your activities. We’ll stop tracking and give you some real privacy.

The more you browse, the more info is added to your fingerprint, so it gets bigger – and more accurate. This makes it possible for websites to be 99% sure who you are, no matter if you’re logged in or not.

  • We stop tracking in one click - Once we detect someone’s trying to follow you, we’ll warn you and block them instantly – or we’ll make some fake fingerprints to throw em’ off.
  • We trick advertisers with fake digital fingerprints - Advertisers can only build a portfolio by connecting the dots as you browse. So we make sure they connect the wrong dots.
  • Don’t pay more than you have to - Prices online can be jacked up if retailers think you’ll be willing to pay. So we make sure to keep them guessing about your shopping habits.
  • Don’t get caught red-handed - AVG AntiTrack also deletes tracking cookies and browsing history, so people on your side of the screen don’t know what you do online either.
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