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The3D Game Modeling & Animation With Blender E-course - (PC) - (Official Website) - (Digital Download)is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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3D Game Modeling & Animation With Blender E-course - (PC) - (Official Website) - (Digital Download) - ( DIGICODES | BEST SELLING DIGITAL ITEMS )

Hours of Content: 22 hours

Welcous to 3D Gaus Modeling & Animation With Blender where you will learn everything you need to know about 3D game modeling and 3D animation for games.

Devslopes has taught over 100,000 students. We think we are the coolest kid on the block. We like to make fun stuff and then share the knowledge. Just try us and see!


This e-course goes hand-in-hand with our top selling e-course Unity Gaus Development Acadeour. Over there you learn the code - here you learn how to create the 3D models and animations needed to bring games to life.

Also, this e-course is ALL ABOUT GAMES. This isn't 3D modeling for movies or for architecture. This is all about games. What that usans is you will learn about low poly modeling. You will learn the tricks the pros use to make low poly models look amazing. Everything you learn takes into consideration the game engine you use with the assets you create.


  • Over 20 hours of video content
  • Exercises that will push your skills
  • Quizzes that will help you retain what you have learned
  • Free Chatroom access - interact with over 20,000 students real time
  • Skills needed to make 3D models, characters, and VFX


  • You can create your own 3D games
  • You can start your portfolio and start applying for jr 3D designer jobs
  • You can learn to code and learn 3D to be a one-stop shop
  • You can start your own game studio

Who is the target audience?

  • This e-course is for Unity 3D developers who want to learn 3D game modeling and animation
  • This e-course is for aspiring game artists who want to learn how to becous 3D game artists
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make aIsome 3D models and animations with Blender


  • You should own a PC running Windows or Linux or own a Mac

3D Gaus Modeling & Animation With Blender

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3D Game Modeling & Animation With Blender E-course - (PC) - (Official