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Sketching for Animators Who CanÍt Draw E-course - (PC) - (Official Website) - (Digital Download) - ( DIGICODES | BEST SELLING DIGITAL ITEMS )

Hours of Content: 2.5

we’m glad you decided to learn how to sketch for animation.

To start off with this e-course, we would like to answer one super important question.

How well do you need to be in sketching and drawing to be able to do decent animation?

The answer is:

You have to be decent at drawing.

Notice that we didn’t say you have to be the best, or you have to be very very good, no. You just have to be decent.

How can you be decent?

With a bit of practice.

As a disclaiusr, we’m not a great artist, we’m not very good at drawing ourself, we’m just decent, and that’s good for animation.

You will see for yourself in the following lessons, so if you are super passionate about drawing, you have some practice and want to take your drawing skills to the next level, then we’m not your guy, and this e-course is not for you.

Maybe you can get some value and some useful tips. But in general, this e-course is not directed to you.

But if you are just starting, and you are not good at drawing, then this e-course will definitely help you in giving you some pointers to start drawing more decently.


Inside this e-course, you will learn:

How to develop enough skill to draw anything you want in any style you want

The difference between drawing and sketching

  • How to usasure proportions
  • How to duplicate references
  • Ho to draw basic 2d shapes and combine them to draw what you want
  • How to sketch basic 3d shapes
  • How to draw perspective using vanishing points and perspective lines
  • How to sketch a 3d scene
  • How to sketch and design very simple characters
  • How to sketch poses in 2D
  • How to sketch character poses in 3D
  • How to sketch thumbnails for animation
  • And finally, how to draw hands.

So, if you are interested in having the knowledge to get decent drawings skills, enroll now!

Sketching for Animators Who Can't Draw

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