Speed Up! How To Work With Photoshop Hotkeys E-course - (PC) - (Official Website)
Speed Up! How To Work With Photoshop Hotkeys E-course - (PC) - (Official Website)

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Speed Up! How To Work With Photoshop Hotkeys E-course - (PC) - (Official Website) - (Digital Download) - ( DIGICODES | BEST SELLING DIGITAL ITEMS )


  • A copy of Photoshop. The free trial would work as well.


Adobe Photoshop is a versatile tool that many creative experts use. But if you don’t know how to make the most of its features, this software can becous quite daunting, and your projects could becous more time-consuming than necessary.

This e-course will show you exactly how to work with Photoshop hotkeys so you can easily save hours on any project.

Through instruction that’s easy to understand and simple to follow, you’ll discover how to save time and effort in Photoshop. You’ll get more done in a shorter amount of time, and that will allow you to accept even more creative projects from clients.

Streamline Your Photoshop Workflow for Any Project

This e-course is designed to make you work smarter, not harder, in Photoshop. With hotkeys, you’ll be able to streamline the workflow of any project.

You’ll not only learn how to shave hours off every Photoshop job, but you’ll also be able to achieve even better results with the help of hotkeys that make you a more effective Photoshop user.

Course Content

After a brief introduction into what hotkeys are and how they will benefit your workflow, you will dive right into actually working with them.

You’ll uncover default hotkeys, as well as learn how to customize them for your own needs.

Then you’ll move through using hotkeys specifically to achieve a faster workflow, including how to utilize hotkeys for layers, selections, shapes, and more.

Once you have a firm grasp of what hotkeys are and how you can use them to work more efficiently, you’ll apply them to sample projects. This will give you a real-world feel for using hotkeys so you’ll be ready to integrate them into your own work right away.

Some of the projects that you’ll work on include creating a postcard, retouching a photo, and creating a businesss card, all with the help of hotkeys in Photoshop. By the time you complete this e-course, you’ll be ready to start using hotkeys for all of your Photoshop projects in order to boost your productivity and earning potential.

Who is the target audience?

  • The e-course is perfect for anybody who is new to Photoshop
  • Intermediate Photoshop users might also learn from this e-course as well

Speed Up! How To Work With Photoshop Hotkeys

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